Foreign Policy’s 10 Missed Stories from 2008

Foreign Policy magazine published its Ten Stories You Missed in 2008.  The list makes for interesting reading.  The ten stories are:

  1. The Surge in Afghanistan starts early.
  2. Colombian coca production increases.
  3. The next Darfur heats up.
  4. The United States helps India build a missile shield.
  5. Russia makes play for Africa.
  6. Greenhouse gas comes from solar panels.
  7. Shanghai steel fails basic safety test.
  8. Aid to Georgia finances luxury hotel in Tbilisi.
  9. For first time, U.S. citizen convicted of torture abroad.
  10. American company sells ‘sonic blasters’ to China.

They also have a list of the ten worst predictions for 2008.  Hindsight may be 20/20, but these predictions make for interesting reading!


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