Escalating Tensions in Ukraine

Sharp clashes in eastern Ukraine and the Crimea erupted over the weekend, as pro- and anti-Russian groups fought. The Russian parliament on Saturday unanimously authorized President Vladimir Putin to use Russian military forces to protect the country’s interests “until the normalization of the political situation in the country.” Late last week, unidentified soldiers in unmarked vehicles seized control of several key areas, including airports, in the Crimea. The region is also home to large populations of Russian citizens. Meanwhile President Barack Obama warned Russia against intervening in Ukraine’s political situation, and the United Nations Security Council held an “urgent” meeting on Saturday to address the crisis in the country.

Meanwhile, many observers are asking if Russia will invade Ukraine? And Ukrainian officials are warning Russia not to interfere.

What do you think? Will Russia intervene in Ukraine? If you were responsible for advising President Obama regarding the situation, how would you advise him to respond? What steps can the United States take? What steps should it take? Why?


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    signs of a brewing war

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