Reviewing Iraqi Leadership

As calls for Iraq’s embattled President Nouri al-Maliki to resign intensify, the competition for who will replace him have heated up. Maliki’s government has been widely criticized for failing to reach out to the country’s minority Shia and Kurdish population, and the government of the autonomous Kurdish region has even toyed with declaring independence from Iraq in recent weeks. The stinging defeats of Iraqi military forces by militants associated with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has left Maliki in a vulnerable position.

As Iraq’s parliament meets, there appear to be several leading contenders to replace Maliki as president. This video from the New York Times provides a brief biography for each of the four leading candidates for the position.

What do you think? Who would be the most effective replacement for Maliki as head of the Iraqi government? Will the new president be more effective in addressing the growing challenge posed by ISIS? Why?

One response to “Reviewing Iraqi Leadership

  1. The question is not about Maliki or another gentleman. The problem is deeper than this. What has election system brought to Iraq? Shia and Sunni killing each other? ISIS killing both of them? Has culture, economy, civility…has anything progressed as a result of this superficial democracy? This is the question: are these societies ready for democracy? We all know that the answer is a big no, but the taboo is to big to be even discussed openly.

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