The Fallout from Greece’s Election

On Sunday, Greece’s far-left Syriza coalition won over 35 percent of the popular vote, placing it first among all parties and securing the party’s leader, Alexis Tsipras, the position of Prime Minister.  The party campaigned on a strong anti-austerity platform that promised to renegotiate relations between the Greek government and its primary lenders, including the European Union (EU), the International Monetary Fund, and the European Central Bank.

The Greek elections are reflective of a broader trend across Europe, where mainstream centrist parties are losing ground to both far-right and far-left parties amid ongoing economic crises, the implementation of austerity programs, concerns over immigration, and the perceived growing authority of EU bureaucrats. And the growing influence of such parties threatens the stability of the Eurozone and raise questions about the future direction of the European Union.

What do you think? Should the Greek elections be a cause for concern for the European Union? Do you think the possibility of Greece exiting the Eurozone is realistic? How would such a move affect the politics in other crisis-prone EU members, like Portugal and Ireland?


One response to “The Fallout from Greece’s Election

  1. The stability of the Eurozone is threatened by the inflexibility of Germany and the ECB rather than the Greek election and the resurgence of the radical left across Europe. No one can be sure what the future holds but this should be embraced as an opportunity for change rather than stubborn resistance. For an in-depth analysis on developments in Europe feel free to have a look here:

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