Should the US Deploy Ground Forces Against ISIS? Will It?

The Jordanian government has intensified airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces in Syria, less than a week after ISIS burned a captured Jordanian pilot alive. ISIS has already claimed that Kayla Mueller, an American aid worker in Syria who was captured by ISIS in 2013,  was killed in a Jordian airstrike. The Jordanian government has rejected that assertion, maintaining that there is no evidence that ISIS’s claims are true.

Meanwhile, international observers have repeatedly noted that airstrikes alone are unlikely to weaken or dislodge ISIS from its stronghold.

What do you think? Will ground forces ultimately be deployed to combat ISIS in Syria? Will the United States send ground forces to fight against ISIS? Why? Should it? Why?

One response to “Should the US Deploy Ground Forces Against ISIS? Will It?

  1. I don’t think the US will actually send their own troops to fight in Syria. Most likely they will wage a proxy war by funding Jordanian forces. To me it seems like a weird coincidence that in the same week that this pilot is burned alive, a US aid worker has been confirmed dead and one of Jordan’s ministers tweets that ISIS’s claims that she died in an air raid are unbelievable. I think this is a calculated way for the US to enter into this conflict. Regardless though, I don’t think our country should let itself get too invested in this conflict simply because it will be hard to pull out and our presence seems to upset the balance. The other countries in that region need to take a stronger and united stance against ISIS. Solutions and agreements that come from within the region itself will be be longer lasting, culturally relevant and more beneficial for the parties involved.

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