Gay Rights in Ireland

Ireland yesterday became the first country in the world to approve same-sex marriage via popular referendum. Voters in the Roman Catholic nation turned out in droves, with more than 60 percent of voters turning out, and 61 percent of voters approving the referendum. Only one of the country’s 43 constituencies voted no on the measure. All of the country’s major political figures—on both the left and the right—offered their support to the measure.

What do you think? Does Ireland’s popular referendum make approval of same-sex marriage in other countries more likely? Will it have any impact on countries that continue to criminalize same-sex relationships? Why?

One response to “Gay Rights in Ireland

  1. I believe that by opening this door, it allows for other countries to examine how it affects society. This has potential for an extraordinary impact for decriminalizing same-sex marriages and relationships because this will show that not only one society is open to the idea and will give the necessary push for other countries to follow in their shoes. It was a referendum by popular votes and it separate church and state. Many countries will ratify their position and be more to the idea of same sex marriages.

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