Did the United States Commit War Crimes in Afghanistan?

The medical relief group Doctors Without Borders called for an international investigation into the US bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan today. A US airstrike in eastern Afghanistan last Saturday killed 12 medical workers and at least 10 patients at a hospital operated by the group. President Obama offered an apology for the airstrike, which commanders asserted was “a tragic, terrible mistake.”

But Doctors Without Borders has said that that strike “cannot be brushed aside,” it is requesting an investigation under the Geneva Convention. It hopes that such an investigation will clarify the rules of engagement in Afghanistan. Any investigation would require the consent of both the United States and Afghanistan, neither of which appears ready to move forward with such an independent investigation.

What do you think? Did the United States violate the Geneva Convention in the Afghan airstrike? Should an impartial international investigation take place? Why? And if a violation is found to have occurred, how should US engagement in Afghanistan change?

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